The POP Project Announces Launch of New, Updated Website

In anticipation of our fifth anniversary of incorporation this fall, The POP Project has officially launched a new website. The redesigned site provides users with a simpler and more comprehensive web experience. “This redesign represents our ongoing commitment to steady and manageable growth,” says POP Project Executive Director, Jim MacKenzie. “As we continue to expand…

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POP Cares for Kids through our Books Giving Programs

This month, the POP Project was able to give 266 books to CARING for Children, a local advocacy group that provides help for children and families in crisis. The organization currently has a small library at one of their locations, which POP’s donation will help sustain through the recent book delivery. According to CARING for…

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Help POP Prepare for Back-to-School Giving!

Since this time last year, the POP Project has donated over 4,000 books to children’s educational programs, low-income schools, and services. But as we prepare for the 2014-2015 school year and our next youth giving cycle, we currently have less than half of that amount to give! With our resources last year, we were able…

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