Got extra books? We’ll take them.


At the POP Project, we believe that everyone deserves a good book.

Our main focus is to further the cause of literacy and all the wonderful opportunities that it provides. We believe that making books available to everyone enables people to become more involved citizens, better informed, and lead them to living more fulfilled lives, both privately and in public.

Some of our books go to schools and children. Others go to prisons. We feel that persons behind bars can still be valuable assets to a community, and helping prisoners become more literate is an essential step.

There are many opportunities to help us with our mission. The needs are great and sometimes the resources are small. We do not charge for our services, and thus, are constantly in need of books, monetary donations, and volunteers.

Supporting us is easy. We need books. You have books. We’ll gladly take them. Contact us and we will be happy to arrange a pick-up.

The POP Project appreciates your interest in our services and looks forward to hearing from you.

POP stands for “Pages Opening People,” and is based in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.