Why Donate?

The Need is Great!

Around 1 in 10 adults in Buncombe County cannot read at a basic level and 24% of children are living in poverty. Providing a greater access to books improves literacy, which in turn boosts self esteem, improves economic autonomy, and allows individuals to better contribute to the workforce of their community.

Donating to the POP Project means investing in your community’s future.

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Why Donate?

The POP Project grows each year to better fill the needs of the Asheville area, Buncombe County, and additional counties throughout Western North Carolina. As we grow, we are able to make a bigger impact, but with an increase in capacity comes an increase in administrative needs.

With your donations, the POP Project is able to:

  1. Make sure no good books go without good homes
  2. Spread the power and possibilities of literacy
  3. Grow and evolve without losing sight of goals within the local community
  4. Be proactive and volunteer driven

Where the Money Goes

The POP Project is 100% volunteer driven and 100% privately funded. Every dollar donated contributes directly to our programmatic and administrative needs.

So, every dollar counts!

Income 2013 copyIncome 2015

Private Donations (62.5%)

Grants and Public Funds (0%)

Fundraisers and Book Sales (37.5%)

Interest (<1%)

Expenses 2013 copyExpenses 2015

Storage Units (86.7%)

General Administrative Costs (13.3%)

Shipping and Travel (0%)

POP’s Impact in the Community

In 2015, POP donated OVER 7,500 books to schools, shelters, detention centers, and other agencies. By our estimates, that’s nearly $38,000 in free books to people in need, and over $150,000 since POP was founded in 2009.

Every dollar donated to POP translates to over $10 worth of books given away.

Dollar-Book equiv

POP Success Stories

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