Literacy Facts

This is why Everyone Deserves a Good Book

Low literacy is a global issue that affects people around the globe, as well as those close to home. Literacy influences education, of course. But did you also know that it affects economics, poverty, crime, and health?

Research has linked childhood poverty with a variety of debilitating societal costs, including low access to books in the home and low literacy. In turn, these factors often lead to low academic underachievement, higher dropout rates, higher rates of teen pregnancy, higher costs of crime, and poorer overall health outcomes.

It is important to understand the impact of literacy in the lives of those who have it. More important, perhaps, is our ability to understand the effects of low literacy, as well, and the impact that has on individual success, family economics, community development, and national health. Only then can we develop a substantial fight for change.

Here are just a few literacy facts covering rates in the US, around the globe, and close to home in Buncombe County:

POP Literacy Facts 2014

Data above compiled from, the Literacy Council of Buncombe County, and Children First/CIS.