Rethink Ink Book Sale Fundraiser

Sunday, June 26, 2015

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We invite you to our next Rethink Ink Book Sale Fundraiser from 11am-3:00pm on Sunday, June 26 on the back patio of Willow’s Dream, 64 Broadway, in downtown Asheville. Go through the store to get to the book sale.

By shopping for books at Rethink Ink, you can be confident that every $1 you spend translates to $10 in books donated back out into the community!

There will be many types of books available during the sale for $1 and up, including but not limited to:

  • Hardcover and paperback novels
  • Coffee table books
  • Cook books
  • Novelty books
  • Vintage books
  • Travel and adventure books
  • Poetry and literature
  • Business and technology books
  • Board games, notebooks, and calendars

POP will be bringing books that we currently have in surplus, and which are not ideal donations for our current list of partnering organizations. We ask that you bring cash or check and become the new home for a few of these books. All proceeds from the Rethink Ink Book Sale Fundraiser will go directly to supporting the POP Project.


Thanks to our Sponsors

The POP Project wants to send our gratitude to this year’s sponsors and supporters:

Willow’s Dream

Spellbound Children’s Bookshop


Why is POP Holding a Book Sale?

The POP Project receives a very wide variety of gently-used books from our generous donors. We do our best to find new homes for all these books, but in some cases that can be difficult.

Our periodic Rethink Ink Book Sale gives us an opportunity to find new homes for the difficult-to-house books in our collection. For us, this serves several purposes:

  1. It clears these books from our potential inventory, which increases volunteer efficiency when sorting and preparing books for delivery.
  2. It helps us raise money for our storage units, which currently amount to around 80-85% of POP’s operating budget.
  3. It reduces the amount of storage space that we need to maintain, which will help POP’s budget go further.

Sponsoring Rethink Ink 2016

Help ensure that as much money raised goes back into our mission as possible. If you or your company would like to donate folding tables or pop-up tents, or help underwrite the sale, please click here or email us at


About Rethink Ink

POP’s Rethink Ink fundraisers encourage people to keep paper books alive during the digital revolution, while also reminding people about the power books can have in the home. In this way, it also demonstrates the importance of POP’s mission to provide access to books for everyone in our community. It is a fitting event for POP’s largest fundraiser of the year.

“For many of us, paper and ink books never went out of style,” says POP Project Executive Director Jim MacKenzie. “E-readers are all the rage. They’re convenient and can hold hundreds of books. But we still believe in good old paper and ink books; the ones that sit on your shelf or coffee table and you can loan to your friends.”

Books available during Rethink Ink Book Sale Fundraisers are many that POP has in surplus, an which are not ideal donations for our current list of partnering organizations. All proceeds from Rethink Ink go directly to supporting the POP Project’s infrastructure and capacity to donate books throughout Western North Carolina and beyond.