POP Project Now Accepting Gently Used Comic Books!

Since we began in 2009, the POP Project has worked to spread the power and possibilities of literacy through a greater access to books. We believe that making books available to everyone, especially from a young age, enables people to become more involved citizens, stay better informed, and lead more successful and fulfilled lives.

Today, POP is excited to announce that our mission is expanding to include novels of a different sort. The POP Project is now actively seeking donations of gently used comic books and graphic novels (All Ages–T+) to add to our book deliveries.

POP Project Now Accepting Gently Used Comic Books!

Any questions? This may help:

Why Comic Books?

Comic books and graphic novels can be an important stepping stone in both early childhood and later-in-life literacy. They help visual learners and uncertain readers connect with the story in a way that promotes comprehension and retention. And the experience of reading comic books is not time-bound in the same way as other visual mediums.

As graphic novelist and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Gene Luen Yang explains, “With comics, the rate of information flow is firmly in the control of the reader.” Unlike movies, animated shows, or even teacher presentations, comics allow visual learners to take control of the pace of their information intake. With educational comics, this translates into a powerful learning tool.

Why is POP Accepting Comics Now?

The POP Project has never rejected donations of gently used comic books and graphic novels. However, our current storage and volunteer capacities now allow us to actively pursue donations of comic books and graphic novels. And what better time is there to kick off this endeavor than the week of Star Wars Day (May 4) and Free Comic Book Day (May 5)!

What Comic Books does POP Want?

The POP Project is accepting all comic books and graphic novels rated All Ages through T+ (or equivalent). As with our policy for book donations, we cannot accept gratuitously graphic or explicit material. Any comic books with education themes or topics are most welcome!

Also as with our book donations, POP cannot accept comic books and graphic novels that show significant wear and tear, or those that are missing pages. Remember, if it’s not of good enough quality to find on your local library shelf, it’s not good enough for POP.

Where will These Comic Books Go?

POP is currently working to find locations that can use large deliveries of free gently used comic books. In the meantime, comic books and graphic novels will be included among the books we deliver to low-income schools, housing programs, community centers, the veteran’s hospital, food pantries, and detention centers in Buncombe and surrounding counties. POP will also include comic books and graphic novels in the seven Little Free Libraries we manage around Buncombe County.

All comics will be pre-sorted by rating to ensure that they are appropriate for the readers at hand.

Where can I Donate My Gently Used Comics?

If you have gently used comic books and graphic novels that you would like to pass along to new readers, we would love to accept them! There are two convenient ways of donating your comics to POP:

1. Take small donations to a POP drop box.

The POP Project has several book donation drop boxes around downtown Asheville. These are perfect spots to leave a single or a handful of books and comics. POP’s drop boxes are available during the regular operating hours of the locations in which they are housed.

Current donation locations include:

  • Hands On Asheville-Buncombe, 50 South French Broad Avenue
  • Literacy Council of Buncombe County, 31 College Place
  • Mountain Xpress, 2 Wall Street

Check back on thePOPproject.org for new locations as they become available.

2. Contact POP about larger book/comic donations.

For moderate donations (more than one box and up to 150 books), POP prefers that you drop off books at our storage location. We’re also available to meet you at locations within Asheville city limits that are convenient to you. Reach out to POP at aPOPproject@gmail.com to coordinate a donation meet up.


Thanks in advance for your support! Because everyone deserves a good (comic) book.