When You Give!Local, We can Give Local

The site has been live for a few days now, but the Mountain Xpress is officially launching the 2017 Give!Local Asheville giving program tonight at midnight!

Give!Local is an online fundraising initiative benefiting 37 local nonprofits through micro-donations and exposure, including the POP Project. But POP—and our book recipients—aren’t the only one reaping rewards. As a donor, you’ll be getting some great swag, too.

How Give!Local Works

Give!Local allows local donors like you to submit your holiday donations online, all in one place, and reap rewards in the process. Once you have completed your donations for the season, you simply check out once through the secure online platform. After December 31, nonprofits like POP (we’re in the Arts section) receive 100% of your donation.

Based on your total giving level, you too, are able to cash in—at a variety of local businesses. At the first of the year, you’ll receive a coupon book with a wide selection of offers for Asheville-based businesses, as well as any incentives specific to the nonprofits you supported.

SPECIAL INCENTIVES FOR POP DONORS: Spellbound Children’s Bookshop will offer 50% off a Book of the Month subscription ($90–$300 value) to all POP Project donors of $100 or more.

Giving back while getting in return? Sounds like a win-win to us!



How You Help Us Give Local

The POP Project finds new homes for used books, but our mission scope is much larger. POP spreads the powers of literacy throughout the community by providing a greater access to books for people who need it most.

From early start programs and low-income neighborhoods to day shelters for the homeless, POP works alongside other local agencies to bring our mission to fruition, including maintaining the Little Free Library at Leicester Elementary. Here’s what Caryn Levy, Teacher-Librarian at the school has to say about POP’s impact on their mission:

Our donated Little Free Library and books are an amazing addition to our school! The first books I notice that disappear from the Little Free Library are the preschool-aged books. It makes me excited to know that our community is reading to these little ones and we will get students who have been read to early. Reading makes the biggest difference to a child’s early education—in and out of school! I have had lots of compliments from our students and their parents and some have even donated boxes of their own books they are no longer reading. I am so grateful for the POP Project choosing our school to host a Little Free Library—it has truly made a difference to our school and children!

Every dollar raised by the POP Project translates to $10 in free books delivered into our community. So, by giving $10 on Give!Local, it’s like you’re giving $100 in books to adults and children you may know, including those at Leicester Elementary.

Give the Gift of Giving Back!

POP has a Give!Local fundraising goal of $1,500 by December 31. Please help us meet that goal!

Click Below and Donate through Give!Local Now!



Donations can also be made via PayPal on our site or mailed to the POP Project, PO Box 18653, Asheville, NC 28814. The POP Project is a 501(c)3 organization. Please consult your tax advisor about deductible donations.