POP is Installing Bookshelves in Area Schools—and We Need Your Help

POP’s youth book delivery manager has been working hard behind the scenes this year to make sure that children across Buncombe County have books to read and take home. But for her to continue to make progress, we have a favor to ask. Is this something you can help with?

Where POP is Installing New Bookshelves

Jeanne Cumby conducted an analysis of Buncombe County schools, dividing them into five tiers. Schools were scored based on their reading and math scores, percent of students on free or reduced lunch, and overall number of students. They were then ranked based on a ratio of the lowest reading and math scores combined with the highest free lunch score.

Tier 1 schools have already been contacted. Jeanne is establishing a POP free bookshelf in their libraries or media centers—wherever the principal thinks the students will have the greatest and most comfortable access to the books. Through Jeanne’s hard work, POP will maintain the bookshelves, keeping them stocked throughout the school year.

Three of the five Tier 1 schools currently have bookshelves in place. Jeanne plans to coordinate the other Tier 1 schools this fall, with the goal of having both Tiers 1 and 2 in place by the end of the current 2017–2018 school year.

How You Can Help

There are five Tier 1 schools and five Tier 2 schools. Combined with a bookshelf at the YMCA Youth Services Center, that means POP will be maintaining 11 bookshelves by the end of this school year.

Kids read a lot of books! We’re uncertain yet exactly how many books will find their way to new homes through this pilot program. However, our position has always been: The more books, the better!

Help us maintain this new program by donating your new or gently used children’s books to POP! POP is always in need of books for children of all ages—from birth through high school. Drop a book in one of our drop boxes around town, or email aPOPproject@gmail.com about donations of a box or more, and we will arrange a pickup with you in town. Books with diverse characters or themes are always appreciated.

You can also help by donating a sturdy bookshelf! Several schools are awaiting a bookshelf before we are able to stock it. If you are downsizing, moving, or just redecorating, consider donating your bookshelf to POP, and we’ll put it to good use. Email us at aPOPproject@gmail.com to arrange a drop off at one of our two storage locations.

Thank you in advance for your help! Together, we can enable a new generation of strong readers.

POP is Installing Bookshelves in Area Schools—and We Need Your Help