POP Project Continues forward in our Mission

There are some months that seem readymade for pomp, circumstance, and big announcements. Then there are other months than seem just as busy to those of us behind the scenes, but with little to show—or, show off, if you will. May has been one of those months.

POP has not taken a break from our core mission, but we have seen a slowdown of boxes checked and events complete. We have been working with our volunteers—some new, some repeating, some long term. We have been diligently sorting books and arranging book deliveries. (In fact, we can confidently say our book collections have NEVER been so well sorted!) And we’re working on getting more Little Free Libraries out into the community.

Next month, we hope to have news (and a few photos) of those new library boxes. But for now, we continue to move forward. One book at a time.