Colton Groome & Company Helps POP Deliver Books to 9 Locations during Days of Impact

We’re still feeling the burn from the great results of last Thursday’s Days of Impact volunteer and book delivery day with a really cool crew from Colton Groome & Company!

In just a few short hours, eleven volunteers from Colton Groome in South Asheville helped us sort, count, and pack OVER $6,000 worth of books. They then delivered the books to nine organizations and agencies around Asheville and Buncombe County.

Colton Groome was our first Days of Impact volunteer group to work with us at our new indoor location in Woodfin. Without having to worry about the weather interfering with their work, the group was able to focus on preparing the best books for each of their delivery locations:

  • Buncombe County Detention Center
  • Caldwell County Rehab Center
  • Children First
  • Craggie Detention Center
  • Neil Dobbins Rehab Center
  • Charles George VA Medical Center
  • Haywood Street Congregation
  • Homeward Bound/A-HOPE Day Center
  • Veterans Restoration Quarters

Colton Groome’s donation of time and effort ensured that hundreds of people within our community, including children and veterans, have a greater access to books. Now, many have their very own books to take home.



Days of Impact is Hands On Asheville-Buncombe’s semiannual block of volunteer days that pairs workforce volunteers with local nonprofits, schools, and public entities. 2017 marks the POP Project’s seventh year of participation (including hosting Day of Caring opportunities from 2011-2015), making this our eighth volunteer opportunity. In those years, POP and our various Day of Caring/Days of Impact volunteers have delivered over $44,000 in books during these single-afternoon volunteer opportunities alone. POP encourages you to contact Hands On Asheville-Buncombe if you and your co-workers are interested in participating in Fall 2017.

Until then, check out some photos from last week’s Days of Impact session:

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