Don’t Miss a 65-Story Treehouse at Spellbound Children’s Bookshop!


Australian author Andy Griffiths to visit Spellbound Children’s Bookshop and unveil a treehouse-themed little free library for area school.

ASHEVILLE, NC, March 13, 2017—Acclaimed children’s author Andy Griffiths is flying all the way from Australia to Asheville to spread the joy of reading. And boy will his arms be tired!

Griffiths will appear at Spellbound Children’s Bookshop, 640 Merrimon Avenue, Suite 204 on Sunday, April 9 at 3:00 pm. Join him for an enchanting Q&A session about his 13-Story Treehouse book series, the latest addition to his works, and stories about his life as an author.

Andy will also help unveil a special Treehouse-themed Little Free Library, constructed by local wood artist Brian Monteleone of Artful Pallet. After the unveiling, the treehouse library will be filled with free children’s books and donated to Hall Fletcher Elementary to live on their grounds.

The fifth book in the illustrated middle-grade series is filled with Andy and illustrator Terry Denton’s signature slapstick humor. Your kids probably know the Treehouse books. And if they like funny books like Diary of A Wimpy Kid with lots of wild imaginative illustrations, they will definitely love these books.

Andy and Terry live in a tree. And when we say “tree,” we mean “treehouse.” And when we say “treehouse,” we don’t mean just any old treehouse—we mean the most amazing treehouse in the world! It’s filled with things like shark-infested see-through swimming pools, secret underground labs, and marshmallow machines that follow you around and automatically shoot marshmallows into your mouth whenever you’re hungry.

Oh, and there’s a time machine…which is going to be really, really useful now, since Terry messed up (again) and the treehouse just FAILED its safety inspection. Join Andy and Terry on a whirlwind trip through time as they try to stop the treehouse from being demolished!

No purchase is necessary to attend the event, but purchase of at least one of Andy’s Treehouse books from Spellbound is required to get in the signing line. All Treehouse purchases will benefit the POP Project, a local nonprofit that distributes free books where there are needs.

Come hang out with Andy in his 65-Story Treehouse and see a real, locally-constructed treehouse filled with books. Join us at Spellbound for a fun and wacky presentation that may just include Andy leading us in balloon orchestra renditions of his favorite songs. (Balloons provided free of charge.)

Visit to learn more or to pre-order a book to be signed.

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