Love Books? Host a Little Free Library

Our donations manager, Sarah, picking up the free library from the GO Build staff and graduates.

At the POP Project, we believe that everyone deserves a good book. That’s true all year long, but it’s especially true on Valentine’s Day.

We want everyone who loves books to have access to them all the time!

That’s why on this love-filled day we’re offering businesses and organizations across Buncombe County the opportunity to get in on the love. If you own property that is currently devoid of Little Free Libraries, then we have a deal for you!

The POP Project has partnered with Green Opportunities to build, install, and stock Little Free Libraries across our community. At no charge to you, your organization too can host a box of free books for children and adults to enjoy at no cost to themselves.

Thanks to the Green Opportunities GO Build Program, we delivered our first free library to Leicester Elementary in November. The library was installed between the school’s pickup lines for parents and younger siblings to utilize while they wait—sometimes for upwards of an hour! A second library was installed at Food for Fairview next door to Fairview Elementary just a few days later, so that patrons could peruse a modest book selection during their visit.

The GO Build students have already created a third library box, this one in need of a good home. If you would like to host this POP-sustained box, get in touch with us now! We’re happy to tailor the book selection to your audience.

Email the POP Project at today.

2 Comments On “Love Books? Host a Little Free Library”

  1. This is wonderful! I think it would be great to have a little library in one of the many trailer parks in town… there are several near Emma and Johnston Elementary schools…
    I could talk to my church about sponsoring one…

    • Hi, Joanne! We’ll take the trailer parks into consideration – thanks for the suggestion. Let us know if your church decides they want one. Much appreciated. -POP

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